American Council of Cannabis Medicine and Insurance Industry Leaders Prepare for New Era. First Open Enrollment Period to Prominently Include Medical Cannabis

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The American Council of Cannabis Medicine (ACCM) announces major insurance industry and member-based group participation, to kick off open enrollment. 

After years of work, ACCM’s Next Frontier platform, program, and incredable stakeholders brings everything full circle. Providing medical cannabis the same benefits, processes, and procedures as mainstream medicine, including savings, connection, and even reimbursements.

“On the heels of the ACCM and HHS announcements, we are entering a new era for medical cannabis. One that includes mass insurance industry and membership group participation.” Say’s, Mark Block, ACCM President, “This is the culmination of years of work by one of the finest most dedicated teams assembled. This mass cooperation under the Next Frontier banner has made all of this possible.”

“The insurance industry entry into the medical cannabis space, has the potential to help millions of people,” says Seni Sok, Chief Executive Officer of HIC Group. “ACCM’s Next Frontier program makes policyholders experience familiar and easy. As they move to medical cannabis, the last part of the experience will now be reassuring.”

ACCM along with the Member First Health Network have been building out member-aligned pharmacies and dispensaries in each legal state, all operating under state programs. Any ACCM member can participate in the program, and aligning their locations, and being connected can be done at no cost.

As a strategic partner to ACCM’s Next Frontier Program, we are enhancing the overall quality of care for patients within the medical cannabis landscape. Says, Gennaro Luce, CEO of EM2P2, Inc, “Together with ACCM, and the insurance industry, we will transition millions of patients to the world of medical cannabis, with an experience similar to traditional pharma care, working with quality medical providers and dispensaries that together will help improve patient outcomes.”

Today Next Frontier has over five million people in the insurance pool, and nearly triple that coming in from member-based organizations, currently preparing for open enrollment.

“TranzactCard is a social impact enterprise. It’s also one of the fasted growing member-based groups in the country,” says Peter Rancie, Co-Founder of TranzactCard. “Given the state of health in the USA, and the effects of medical cannabis on addressing some of those challenges, our social impact sensibilities suggested that medical cannabis could be a high value proposition to our members. Hence, we’re pleased to add a quality medical cannabis solution alongside our suite of insurance offerings in our new Wellness Emporium program, in time for open enrollment.” 

Terry Patton, the Founder of CannaTrac and member of the 1871 Cannabis Innovation Lab, stated; “The groundbreaking introduction of insurance reimbursements and cost-saving benefits for medical cannabis, signifies a monumental shift, providing greater acceptance and affordability, for millions of medical cannabis patients and pharmacies/dispensaries that serve them. We are pleased to work with CannaScripts and the ACCM.”

The American Council of Cannabis Medicine is the “Voice of American Medical Cannabis.” representing America’s medical-cannabis industry, which supports millions of U.S. jobs and a large grassroots movement, supporting patients, now exceeding 4M people. Members produce, process, and distribute medical cannabis through state-licensed programs. We support the healthcare industry, physicians, researchers, health/wellness providers, insurance companies, and patient advocacy groups. All participate in ACCM’s 15 standing area-centric committees. ACCM started in 2016 as a Capitol Hill working group and evolved into a mission-driven 501c4. Our objective is to facilitate legislation that advances medical cannabis at the federal level and improves state access.

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