Annuity Software for Financial Professionals: Annuities Genius Partners with CANNEX to Leverage Data for New SPIA/DIA Tools

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Annuities Genius, the industry leader and developer of annuity point-of-sale software that helps financial professionals meet compliance and suitability requirements, has partnered with CANNEX to use its data for their new SPIA and DIA comparison tools.

With the addition of SPIA and DIA data, financial professionals can use Annuities Genius to review with clients the full range of annuity options from major carriers, compare product benefits, pricing and performance illustrations, and select those that match income goals and risk tolerance.   

"Clients are more likely to make the decision to buy an annuity when they have all the information they need to choose between products, and are guided by an advisor or financial professional," said David Novak, CEO of Annuities Genius. "Our comparison tools not only help clients make purchase decisions, but also provide a documented process for meeting best interest standards. Our partnership with CANNEX enhances the breadth and depth of the data in our tools and provides significant operational efficiencies for our business."

"CANNEX is the industry standard for comprehensive data and analytics to support third-party applications and service providers, as well as the manufacturers and distributors of annuities," said Gary Baker, president, CANNEX USA. "We’re delighted to be working with Annuities Genius to support their tools that provide financial professionals the ability to assess and present the most appropriate annuity for their clients’ needs."

About Annuities Genius
Annuities Genius is a comprehensive annuity decision-making platform, specializing in providing financial advisors and insurance agents with the data needed to be successful. It helps independent advisors grow their annuity business by providing the point-of-sale comparison tools that give clients the information they need to make informed annuity purchases. Annuities Genius’s sales process is designed to ensure that financial professionals meet the industry’s best interest standards for annuity sales. Annuities Genius was developed by Agatha Global Tech, LLC, a team with over 30 years of experience in the financial and insurance industries. Agatha Global Tech, LLC, works in partnership with insurance carriers, distribution organizations, financial advisors, and insurance agents to offer annuity information. For further information about Annuities Genius visit:

CANNEX is a leading provider of data, research and analysis for retirement savings and income products in North America. We manage data, pricing and illustrations for insurance carriers and serve as a source of product information for distributors, as well as third-party tools and applications. We support financial institutions with their annuity research and consulting needs in areas including product development, product due diligence, marketing and compliance analysis.  For more information about CANNEX, visit

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