Aranscia and Signature RX Announce Personalized Medication Management Program for GLP-1s

Innovative Partnership to Evaluate Evidence-Based Insights in the Optimization of GLP-1 Treatments

HOUSTON and DELRAY BEACH, Fla., June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Aranscia, a leading provider of personalized diagnostic solutions, and Signature RX, a leading pharmacy supplier and 503B manufacturer, today announced a partnership to develop novel biomarkers and a personalized medication management solution for the effective use of GLP-1 medications. Under this multi-phase partnership, Aranscia and Signature RX will help foster continued research and development into the specific pharmacogenomic (PGx) and biomarker pathways for GLP-1 receptor agonists, incorporate evidence-based insights into existing medication management programs, and support the unmet supply chain needs to ensure patients preserve steady access to critical medications.

Originally developed for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, GLP-1s are a class of medications that are increasingly utilized for the management of other chronic diseases such as obesity. While many GLP-1 patients have achieved satisfactory results, variances in efficacy, side effects, and long-term adherence may be explained through individual metabolic responses. Inappropriate or ineffective use issues are compounded by the current and future projected shortages of these medications, especially for those who are most in need of the management of chronic conditions. 

AccessDx Laboratory, an Aranscia company, is dedicating resources to the assessment and development of new companion diagnostics for GLP-1 medications. Peer-reviewed studies to date have indicated multiple PGx and biomarker pathways that may benefit further exploration, and the AccessDx team will collaborate with standards organizations with a goal of expanding research as well as establishing high-evidence frameworks based on those findings. AccessDx Lab is a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, and NYSDOH-approved diagnostic laboratory with an extensive history of success in the development and operation of high complexity molecular genetic tests. 

Under this multi-year partnership, Signature RX will also offer the YouScript Personalized Medication Management Program to all current and existing clinical clients. YouScript, an Aranscia company, is a foundational and proven leader in the effective use of high-evidence PGx insights to improve outcomes and lower care costs, with impact across a wide range of chronic conditions and comorbidities often impacting patients with Type 2 diabetes and obesity. As high-evidence GLP-1 markers become available, it is envisioned that Signature RX healthcare partners will be able to use those insights to assist them in optimizing their patient’s GLP-1 medications.

“We’re pleased to announce this innovative collaboration with Signature RX,” said Bryon Cipriani, CEO of Aranscia. “The increasing popularity of GLP-1s, especially when unchecked against inappropriate or ineffective use, leads to runaway cost issues, supply chain challenges, and poor therapeutic outcomes that are detrimental to our care ecosystem. We’re proud to make a commitment to the exploration of companion diagnostics with AccessDx Lab, and at the opportunity to leverage YouScript’s proven framework for success in personalized medication management.”

“Aranscia is an ideal partner for bringing a comprehensive, personalized approach to GLP-1s,” said David Hughes, PharmD, R.Ph., ABAAHP, PAHM, Chief Executive Officer of Signature RX. “The massive demand of GLP-1s must be balanced by clinical initiatives that help providers and payers ensure patients are on the right drug, and the right dose. This approach will help Signature RX client organizations ensure impactful medications are available to those who will truly benefit, and open new opportunities for programs focused on combinatorial, cost-effective outcomes improvement across all medications and disease states,” added Hughes.

Organizations who wish to learn more, or participate in the Aranscia/Signature RX GLP-1 initiatives, can contact

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