Breeze Launches Online Portal to Streamline How Agents Sell Disability Insurance

OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Breeze, an insurtech focused on disability insurance, has launched the Breeze Agent Portal that streamlines how agents sell disability insurance and critical illness insurance to consumers.

"Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Breeze Agent Portal, which gives insurance agents the ability to leverage our underwriting technology. This means they can not only seamlessly quote and apply for income protection policies for their clients, but sometimes even instantly bind policies pending client eligibility," said Colin Nabity, CEO & co-founder of Breeze. 

The online agent portal advances Breeze’s mission to close the income protection coverage gap through smart, affordable insurance that can help financially protect individuals and families from unexpected injuries and illnesses. 

"Between the ease-of-use and competitive commissions, the Breeze Agent Portal provides a modern opportunity for agents to sell income protection products like disability insurance or critical illness insurance," continued Nabity. 

To build out its agent network, Breeze recently hired long-time insurance executive Andrew Hamill as its Head of Distribution. With the launch of the Breeze Agent Portal, Hamill is excited to be able to provide an online platform to agents who can now help further Breeze’s mission to close the income protection gap.

"This is an exciting time for Breeze as we take another big step forward with the release of our new agent portal. Up until now, our process was solely client-driven, as it helped working consumers learn about, quote, and apply for disability and critical illness insurance," started Hamill.

"The portal allows agents to take a more hands-on approach, running quotes for their clients and assisting with the entire application process. Agents serve as trusted advisors for their clients, and we recognize the importance of those relationships. We built the Breeze Agent Portal for agents and their clients," concluded Hamill. 

While Americans are roughly three times more likely to become disabled during their working years than they are to die, the income protection coverage gap remains significant. Less than one-third of Americans own a disability insurance policy, whereas 52% of Americans own life insurance.

Adding to this, many workers are now going independent, and the untapped opportunity for agents to supplement their arsenal with convenient, digital income protection products continues to grow.

But outdated technology, a broken underwriting experience, and confusing vernacular around disability insurance and critical illness insurance have kept both consumers and agents away. 

With a new agent portal, in addition to its educational resources, streamlined approach, and ability to quote and bind policies in just minutes, Breeze is in a position to close the gap. 

"Historically, many agents have been intimidated by disability insurance – it has been difficult to explain the product, taken an unnecessarily long amount of time to underwrite, and has lacked the technology needed to create a seamless process for both agent and client. The Breeze Agent Portal is helping solve these problems," said Nabity. 

About Breeze:
Breeze is a mission-driven insurtech company focused on closing the income protection gap. Leveraging industry expertise and innovative technology, our remote-friendly team is building a better way for individuals and families to financially prepare for unexpected injuries or illnesses. Insurance policies offered through Breeze can be used to help with lost paychecks, large medical bills, and more. 

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