Circadian Risk Announces Agreement with ASIS International

Interactive risk analysis dashboard to incorporate the ASIS Physical Asset Protection Standard

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Circadian Risk, Inc., a pioneer in enterprise risk analysis SaaS and scenario-based assessment products, has completed an agreement with ASIS International to deliver their Physical Asset Protection (PAP) Standard as a SaaS-based assessment within its Enhanced Solutions™ risk analysis portfolio.

Circadian Risk develops fully customizable, industry-agnostic software that enables security, safety, and risk professionals to create custom assessments and generate risk analysis dashboards and visualizations in near-real time. These interactive tools allow organizations to optimize mitigation plans, manage implementation projects, and validate changes while communicating shifts in dynamic risk levels to executives and employees.

“When we ask customers and prospects what they would like to see in our platform beyond their internal and regulatory requirements, the ASIS International Physical Asset Protection Standard ranks at the top, along with other ASIS standards, guidelines, and best practices,” said Michael Martin, CEO of Circadian Risk. “We approached ASIS International about using our platform as an innovative way to offer their product to a developed market that already seeks these solutions.”

“Our 34,000 members and ASIS International have known for some time that our standards and guidelines have great utility to both the individual security practitioners as well as organizations,” said Christine Murphy Peck, CAE, Chief Global Learning Officer, ASIS International. “Our agreement with Circadian Risk highlights how organizations can benefit from wider scale adoption of our industry-leading standards and guidelines and will provide a solid case study for how these can be used to benefit both the individuals and organizations alike.”

“This partnership will allow ASIS International members to realize significant time and cost savings,” continued Martin. “Gone are the days of waiting weeks, if not months, for initial reports and analysis before presenting outdated risk findings and recommendations to senior management.”

“The security risk industry needs an upgrade,” said Daniel Young, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Circadian Risk. “Traditional assessments lose valuable data that could allow organizations to better understand risk within a region or industry. By using technology to capture assessment findings in an actionable format, organizations can create universal best practices, reduce liability and risk, and provide a dynamic snapshot of the current risk level—not the level of six months earlier. The agreement with ASIS to offer an interactive PAP standard is an exciting step forward.”

Used globally by Fortune 500 companies, the Circadian Risk Enhanced Solutions portfolio drives ROI through efficiency, time savings, and elimination of third-party services. The comprehensive software suite supports regulatory agencies’ increasing adoption of process-based audits that require threat assessment, vulnerability identification, mitigation assignment, follow-through, and updated scoring/communication of results.

About Circadian Risk

Circadian Risk is a pioneering developer in dynamic risk analysis SaaS that empowers organizations to control risk through awareness and action. The Enhanced SolutionsTM suite allows customers to monitor organizational risk; manage multiple threat, hazard, and compliance scenarios; and communicate risk throughout their organization. Using a logical, score-based approach, the software provides interactive dashboards and visualizations—updated in near-real time—and optimizes the decision-making process. To learn more, visit or book a meeting or demo.

About ASIS International

Founded in 1955, ASIS International is the world’s largest membership organization for security management professionals. With hundreds of chapters across the globe, ASIS is recognized as the premier source for learning, networking, standards, and research. Through its board certifications, award-winning Security Management magazine, and Global Security Exchange—the most influential event in the profession—ASIS ensures its members and the security community have access to the intelligence and resources necessary to protect their people, property, and information assets. To learn more about ASIS International, please visit

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