Climate Risk Veteran Matt Coleman Joins Demex

New Chief Risk Officer will lead solutions for climate risk transfer

WASHINGTON, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Demex Group (Demex) – the first provider of comprehensive solutions for modeling, assessing, and transferring climate-linked risks at scale – today announced that Matt Coleman has been appointed Chief Risk Officer (CRO) to manage Demex’s economic valuations for clients and lead pricing for Demex’s climate risk solutions. Coleman is a proven expert in climate risk insurance and risk transfer, with decades of experience in climate science, insurance, and capital markets.

As CRO, Coleman will lead risk transfer at Demex. Coleman will work closely with Demex’s Product, Growth, and Operations teams to develop and refine the company’s offerings for climate insurance and risk valuations for clients. He will also lead structuring and pricing analytics.

“We’re thrilled that Matt is joining us. Matt comes to Demex from our risk carrier network where he helped scale a climate risk fund from $200m to $750m. In addition to spearheading new products, Matt’s expertise will help expand Demex’s risk capacity network to new carriers,” said Demex CEO Bill Clark.

“I am incredibly excited to join the Demex team at a time when climate-exposed businesses are transitioning from disclosing their climate exposures to valuing and managing them,” Coleman continued. “This presents a tremendous opportunity for Demex to leverage its technology to increase climate resilience across the global economy.”

Matt Coleman brings 20 years of experience in the climate risk space to Demex, most recently at Nephila Climate, where Coleman served as Director of Strategic Partnerships. Nephila is the largest investment manager specializing in reinsurance risk.

Coleman’s background includes deep experience in origination, underwriting, and portfolio management for climate risk. He has established multiple partnerships with climate risk investors, intermediaries, and service providers. In his role at Nephila, Coleman worked with Demex to build capacity partnerships for the unique climate risk product offerings that Demex developed and that Nephila continues to underwrite. 

About The Demex Group

Demex is the first company to develop a comprehensive approach to climate risk transfer. We offer actionable risk management solutions at the hyper-local level for extreme weather. Our customized solutions for modeling, assessing, and transferring climate-related risks provide the necessary tools to empower our clients to become resilient against the increasing threats posed by extreme weather.

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