Decoding MEAT, TAMPER, and DSP: RAAPID Hosts Webinar for Risk Adjustment HCC Coding

LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — RAAPID, in the first of an industry, thought leadership series on the policy, practice, and enabling technology challenges in Risk Adjustment (RA), is sponsoring three industry experts, Wynda Clayton, Brian Boyce, and Colleen Gianatasio, to inform, discuss, propose, and advise on how clinical evidence appropriately substantiates evidence to support RA coding- critical in this day-and-age of expanding risk populations, OIG audits, and simply increasing demand(s) for the industry to “get it right” for the advances of an overall drive toward more affordable value-based care.

This webinar is designed for payers and providers seeking to enhance their coding accuracy and efficiency and who are interested, skeptical, or concerned about how policy and practice can be technology-enabled for the benefit of all.

Webinar Details:

The webinar will feature three distinguished experts who will provide in-depth insights into the origins of the MEAT, TAMPER, and DSP framework, their evolution and contemporary use(s), practical applications, and benefits.

“This webinar is an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals to gain actionable insights and practical strategies to optimize their coding practices,” said Wynda, a leading expert at RAAPID. “Our goal is to provide attendees with the tools and knowledge they need to improve accuracy and efficiency in risk adjustment coding.”

Wynda Clayton will present the MEAT framework, offering a historical perspective and discussing its “today’s” practical applications.

Colleen Gianatasio, President of the AAPC National Advisory Board, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion. She will delve into the DSP framework and discuss its development and principles, emphasizing its role in provider engagement and its efficiency in improving coding accuracy.

Brian Boyce, CEO of Health Administration Advisors LLC, will explain the development of TAMPER, its key elements, its holistic approach to patient care and coordination, and the implementation of TAMPER.

RAAPID is sponsoring this series to benefit the industry by supporting healthcare providers and payers in how they navigate and ensure the clinical documentation ( the words) ultimately (turns the words into codes) ultimately substantiates the codes that appropriately represent the condition(s) and/or what may be emerging as the patient’s health and wellness evolves.


RAAPID is a full-stack, end-to-end risk adjustment platform. We deliver guaranteed compliant ROI, reduce costs, improve accuracy, reduce physician abrasion, and mitigate the risk in OIG and RADV audits while running a successful risk adjustment program. We offer audit, retrospective, & prospective risk adjustment solutions by augmenting near-human reasoning with Neuro-Symbolic AI as an AI assistant to coders and providers.

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