EnterBridge Helps Insurance and Annuities Client Increase Annual Revenue by $100k

EnterBridge created a custom RPA solution for this insurance company, resulting in $100k additional annual revenue, more than 260 manual hours saved, and a 97% decrease in time to complete a task.

RICHMOND, Va., July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EnterBridge specializes in creating custom solutions for businesses, solving major technological challenges, and supporting clients to their desired ROI. They helped one insurance company save more than 260 manual hours, increase annual revenue by $100k, and realize their ROI in just six months.

This client was losing valuable time and money to a manual process. Employees were required to check different databases and company websites to view contract statuses for annuity purchases, then had to manually enter that data into their Salesforce portal. This took roughly five hours per week from an employee who needed to focus on more high-impact work.

EnterBridge built a custom software that could perform the same task in 10 minutes. They set the bot to run twice daily, giving the team member their five hours per week back. This also increased how many contracts could be processed in a week, quickly resulting in more than 260 manual hours saved and increased revenue for the company.

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Chelsea Wood


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