Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA Announces Deal with The Little Snake River Valley – Assisted Care Facility, Wyoming, to Expand Medical Services, Increase Clinic Staffing and Services, Home Health Opportunities, and Affordable Senior Housing.

Partnership Provides Long Term Financing to The Little Snake River Valley Assisted Care Facility (ACF), a community-based organization that was founded 2009 in the Little Snake River Valley in rural Wyoming. The ACF is committed to providing and enhancing health, wellness and senior care opportunities in their community. In 2013 they received their 501c3 designation that allowed them to further their mission by providing a community bus and homemakers program that assist seniors in their community. 

SAN DIEGO, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — (Today), ETHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC USA, announced a new long-term financing partnership with The Little Snake River Valley Assisted Care Facility, specifically aimed at allowing members of the community with ageing or enhanced medical needs to remain in the area where their lifelong friends and family live. Ethos, a private project financing provider based in San Diego, California, with global operations, has committed to providing significant capital, that will continue for several years.

Carlos Santos, CEO of Ethos Asset Management, stated, "We are honoured and delighted to be partnering with The Little Snake River Valley – Assisted Care Facility. We were so impressed with the work and dedication shown by the whole team providing care and community stability for many elderly people. It was clear to see that the Assisted Care Facility Board has been working diligently since its inception to provide services for their population of community members. The leadership team, led by Paul Prestrud, President – Assisted Care Facility Board, demonstrated to us his passion, ability and determination to deliver the best quality of life and care for their community members. Christy Stocks, Treasurer – Assisted Care Facility Board, lifelong member of the Little Snake River community and founding member of the ACF board (2009), realising her lifelong passion come to life through Ethos’s support of this project. For us, the ACF was an organisation we just could not miss out on being a long-term partner of Ethos."

Mr Paul Prestrud, President – Assisted Care Facility Board, stated,

"We are very excited to work with Carlos and his team to provide much needed senior apartments, additional clinic expansion space, and an overall increased attention to wellness in our community. Our community is small but has many members that have worked hard over the years to ensure its success. The addition of this facility to our community will bring benefit to residents, old and young alike, and will help ensure many of the founding members of our community that have laid the groundwork for its success can remain an active part of our community as they age. We look forward to this partnership with Ethos and are very thankful for their support!".

About Ethos Asset Management, Inc:

Ethos Asset Management (Ethos) is an independent, US-based company with a global reach in resource mobilization and project financing. Providing financing to government and privately promoted projects in every continent and every sector, Ethos has developed a unique risk modulation model which allows them to provide financing in terms not available anywhere in traditional financial markets.

You can hear from Carlos Santos, Ethos CEO, in London where he is Guest Speaker and Panellist at The Leaders Without Borders Leadership Summit and International Honours, the #1 gathering of high-achieving level professionals from all across the World, at THE DRAPER’S HALL, THROGMORTON AVENUE, LONDON, UK, on May 30th and 31st 2022.

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About The Little Snake Valley – Assisted Care Facility: 

The Little Snake Valley – Assisted Care Facility, is comprised of a board of volunteers whose focus is enhancing the lives of aging members of our community and providing resources to that group of individuals to help them live their best quality of life while they remain in our community.

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