FlexRule® Announces Insurance Offering, Empowering Insurance Companies with Decision Intelligence

MELBOURNE, Australia, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FlexRule®, a leading Decision Management Suite, proudly announces its FlexRule for Insurance offering.

The insurance industry is transforming to better adapt to changing markets and regulations. To win in this changing environment and competitive marketplace, insurance providers need to provide mass personalization across the journeys of policyholders, prospects, partners, and agents.

FlexRule for Insurance provides both the methodology and solution for organizations to embrace Decision Intelligence, which Gartner defines as a “framework that brings multiple traditional and advanced techniques together to design, model, align, execute, monitor, and tune decision models and processes.”

FlexRule’s Decision-Centric Approach® methodology enables insurers to become a more decision-centric organization to drive better decision-making by making business decisions first-class citizens in their operation. It brings people, rules, data, and processes together to make optimized, customer-centric, and situation-aware business decisions in changing environments. At the same time, they meet the objectives on revenue, costs, and mitigating risks.

FlexRule’s End-to-End Decision Management Suite allows insurers to make explainable, transparent business decisions across the insurance value chain without draining IT and software development resources. It is the only solution offering the complete set of features needed to automate and optimize insurance use cases, such as underwriting, claims, pricing, compliance, settlement, policy renewal, etc.

Arash Aghlara, Founder and CEO of FlexRule, explains: “One of the biggest challenges for insurers is to reduce the ‘noise’ generated by people, processes, systems, and data, that makes it hard for insurers to make the best business decisions. FlexRule for Insurance brings clarity to business decisions by reducing noise and making business decisions the first-class citizen of insurance providers.”

With the insurance industry set to change rapidly, FlexRule for Insurance is well-placed to support organizations as they invest in upgrading and future-proofing their decisioning stack.

About FlexRule®:

FlexRule® is on a mission to empower all leaders; Business, Operation and IT in organizations to improve the speed and quality of key business decisions in changing environments.
FlexRule® provides both the End-to-End Decision Management Suite guided by the methodology called Decision-Centric Approach® to empower organizations to adapt their business decisions in changing environments effectively and efficiently. With an innovative and future-thinking approach, FlexRule® reduces the complexity of technology and makes these advanced decision-making technologies more accessible to everyone in the organization.

Press Contact:
Goli Tajadod