Holista and The OrthoForum Value Network Partner to Improve Healthcare Offerings in Wisconsin and Beyond

MILWAUKEE, May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Holista, LLC (Holista), a leader in value-based delivery and administration of healthcare services and OrthoForum Value Network (The OrthoForum Value Network), a national physician specialty organization whose membership includes many of the largest privately-owned orthopaedic practices in the United States, today announced a partnership through which Holista’s value-based bundled services will be offered by participating providers in WI.

Holista is dedicated to transforming the delivery and payment of health care with innovative, technology-enabled solutions that promote desired health outcomes, reduce costs, and drive an extraordinary experience for patient, employers, healthcare providers and payers.

The OrthoForum Value Network is transforming musculoskeletal care nationally. By combining the collective strength and excellence of their nationwide MSK provider network, the OrthoForum Value Network has become the foremost MSK deliver system providing employers and patients with timely access to high quality, affordable and appropriate care within their communities.

“We are very excited to partner with The OrthoForum Value Network,” remarked Kate Grohall, Vice President of Holista. “By bringing two innovative and disruptive organizations together, we replace complex and stressful healthcare experiences with simplified, one-stop solutions for patients and employers. We do the heavy lifting so that patients can focus on achieving health and savings.”

Holista’s Episodes of Care combine the financial aspects with care pathway management. With newfound predictability, patients will be able to access an all-in package for surgery services to save money while still receiving the highly coordinated care they expect. A digital portal will provide patients with 24/7 support as an extension of their care experience in the physician’s office. 

“By teaming with Holista, we are furthering our mission to transform MSK care with National Excellence, delivered locally across Wisconsin,” said Heath Kirschner, Executive Director of The OrthoForum Value Network. “Holista’s offering will help us ensure that we are making healthcare more accessible and affordable throughout the state and beyond.”

Holista facilitates all aspects of Value-Based programs, with the experience, technology and resources to help our clients succeed. Success requires an inter-connected, highly coordinated, efficient healthcare “ecosystem”; replacing the current uncoordinated, fragmented, and expensive health system we have today. Holista’s purpose is to construct, deliver and promote value-based healthcare for the people of our community. Located in South Eastern WI, Holista enables payers and providers to implement programs that align all key stakeholders and improve clinical outcomes, decrease cost, and improve the overall service experience.


The OrthoForum Value Network represents nation’s leaders for MSK care, both operative and non-operative, and combines the collective strength and coverage of the OrthoForum and OrthoConnect to lead the transformation of musculoskeletal value-based care delivery. OVN connects employers and patients with the most appropriate, timely care through access to the nation’s most experienced, independent musculoskeletal professionals. 

Media Contacts:
Kate Grohall, Vice President of Value Based Solutions


The OrthoForum Value Network:
Heath Kirschner, Executive Director


SOURCE Holista; OrthoForum Value Network