Insuretech RecovX Health Announces Universal Injury Claim Portal

SARASOTA, Fla., April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today the Insuretech, RecovX Health announced the next phase of its rollout out of their Universal Injury Claim Filing App, InjuryClaimsExpress™. This version is the Insurance Company Personalized Web Portal for insurers who want to offer their own customized insurance company portal for injured third-party claimants. 

Lee E. Fogle the founder & CEO of RecovX Health said, “We brought ICE™ to market to bridge a gap that exists for injured third-party claimants. Today all the major insurance companies offer a cool app to their own policyholders, but their policyholders sometimes cause accidents that injure others. That creates an injured third-party claimant who must file a claim against an insurance company where they have no relationship.

Continued Fogle, “Since they are not policyholders, they don’t get a cool app or technology solution which leaves injured claimants feeling disenfranchised, alone and in the dark about collecting a fair compensation for their injuries. That’s why most of the 3 million injured claimants each year feel they must hire an attorney to represent them even if their claim is simple, and that means they give up 1/3 of their own personal injury compensation for attorney fees.”

According to Bill Kratch, Chief Claims Officer of RecovX Health and former Liberty Mutual  claims executive , “InjuryClaimsExpress™ is fulfilling its mission of becoming the only open industry standard & objective method for valuing injury claims using our Patent Pending medical science approach.  It enables claimants to file their injury claims directly with an insurance company using the ICE™ App for claims that don’t require an attorney—which are 90% of all injury claims.” 

“As we have brought our solution to market over recent months it has become apparent that insurance companies want their own customized version of InjuryClaimsExpress™. That enables them to customize the communication with the claimants, brand the claims portal under their company name and provide a completely new level of customer service to claimants without incurring the cost of building all the technology necessary to create their own site. On top of that they save significant administrative expenses

Said Fogle, “InjuryClaimsExpress™ is a multi-tenant, cloud-based, secure and HIPPA compliant solution. It is a complete claims Platform as a Service (PaaS), bringing economies of scale to insurance similar to how did years ago in multiple industries.”

“I’ve been developing insurance technology since the 1980’s, and I know that Insurance companies would spend hundreds of millions of dollars and years of development time if they each attempted to build an application like InjuryClaimsExpress™. Insurers can start using InjuryClaimsExpress™ today with no upfront fees and quick customizations to insert their own branding–they can immediately take their claims customer service to a new higher level.”

“The only resistance we see to InjuryClaimsExpress™ is the normal resistance to change that some insurance companies still have, but the digital age has made insurance companies smarter and more agile, and we find that smart leaders are embracing our innovative product and concept.”

Contact: Lee Fogle

SOURCE RecovX Health