InsurSign: The DocuSign for Carriers & Agencies

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — InsurSign is proud to announce the launch of its flagship product, InsurHub, a more affordable alternative to DocuSign, offering unlimited signatures and designed specifically for carriers and agencies. InsurHub equips insurers and their agents with all tools they need — making the collection of signatures, documents, identities, and payments a seamless process.

“Today marks a significant milestone for the US insurance industry as we introduce InsurHub, a game-changing solution that will redefine how insurance documents are handled,” said Derek Rathel, CEO of InsurSign. “Our goal with InsurHub is to empower insurance professionals with cutting-edge technology that simplifies their operations, enhances client satisfaction, and enables them to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

InsurSign is thoughtfully designed to simplify key insurance processes like policy applications and sales, customer onboarding and registration, claims processing, renewals, and compliance – all in one single app. InsurSign saves time and money for both insurers and their agents.

Here are just a few ways carriers and agencies are using InsurSign:

  • Policy Signings via SMS: Quickly bind policies via SMS workflows.
  • Compliance Management: Log and track all transaction activity with InsurSign’s 360° audit trail feature.
  • Broker Automation: Insurers and agencies automate their broker workflows directly in InsurHub.
  • AMS integrations: Collect signatures directly from your AMS.

With the launch of InsurHub, the InsurSign product team is also thrilled to announce an updated user interface using Google’s Material 3 design system. This industry-leading design system guarantees a modern and user-friendly experience. In addition to all of these exciting changes, InsurSign is actively working on more direct integrations with top AMS and CRM platforms, delivering seamless connectivity and workflow efficiency.

And to further improve the InsurSign experience, they launched a new website and pricing plans. Users will have the opportunity to try InsurHub, free for 14 days –– providing a firsthand experience of its powerful capabilities.

InsurSign, formerly known as REACH, is a leading software company dedicated to transforming the insurance industry through eSignature technology. InsurSign’s suite of tools enables insurers and their agents to collect signatures, documents, identities, and payments with ease.

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Robert Smith

SOURCE Insursign