InsurTech Announces its 2022 Growth Stage Accelerator Cohort

NEW YORK, Oct. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — InsurTech NY, the largest InsurTech community in North America, announced today its third growth-stage InsurTech accelerator cohort.

InsurTech NY’s carrier and broker members selected 32 startups, from a pool of more than 150 applicants in 29 countries, to participate in the hybrid insurance accelerator program. The accelerator starts in October and provides resources to help startups with traction, talent, and financing. Founders will work with insurers seeking to invest in startups, pilot new technologies, and provide risk capacity.

“We are proud to welcome our third cohort into the program to accelerate their growth,” said David Gritz, Managing Director of InsurTech NY. “They are fortunate to be supported by a best-in-class alumni base of 48 startups. The alumni companies already recognize five exits and more than $373 million in up-round funding in less than two years.”

Selected startups include:

Life, Health, and Benefits Lines: Atidot, Benekiva, BetterTradeOff, Cake, Canary Benefits, CoverGo, ForMotiv, FreeWill, GoGo Technologies, InvestSuite, Legacy Life, Monark HQ, PilotBird, Plum Life, Sunny Day Fund, and White Swan

Property and Casualty Lines: Boston Geospatial, CogniSure, DataCrest, Hepster, Highwing, Iluminr, Indemn, MeasureOne, PathSpot, PolicyDock, Protosure, Quantumerge, SureBright, Surefyre, Veruna, and Zelros

During the program, founders will work with 70+ mentors from carriers, brokers, and solution providers to identify opportunities, establish partnerships, and overcome challenges in their business. The accelerator will continue until its culmination at an in-person Demo Day in NYC on November 15.

About InsurTech NY

InsurTech NY is an international gateway to bring together the insurance innovation community. It brings together carriers, brokers, investors, and InsurTech startups via educational and networking events, a competition, and an accelerator. InsurTech NY’s mission is to accelerate corporate innovation, drive talent to insurance, support innovation-friendly regulation, and improve access to investment. See more at or meet its cohort companies at the Spring InsurTech Conference.

PR Contact: David Gritz