Insurtech Leader FastTrack Completes Migration to the Microsoft Azure Cloud

BEDMINSTER, N.J., Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FastTrack, a leading provider of insurtech solutions for the Life & Disability insurance industry, announced today the completion of their migration to a cloud-computing platform. The project resulted in a transition to Microsoft Azure for their entire suite of solutions and was completed without any service disruption to its customers.

Leveraging the hosting platform’s ability to handle the multiple coding languages employed by FastTrack demonstrates their continued dedication to using all resources at their disposal to create a flexible, easy-to-use platform for their client base without compromising on security. The new model also allows for a system that will seamlessly scale computing needs to match the growth of FastTrack, who has seen a 60% increase in insurance claims under management over the last 12 months.

“With a total of over 160,000 insurance claims currently under management, protection of our customers’ data was a primary concern when selecting a cloud provider,” said Frank Weichmann, CIO of FastTrack. “We’re excited and very pleased to know that our client base is safeguarded in the cloud, along with the guarantee that the platform will be able to keep up with FastTrack’s advancing technology needs and its continued rapid claims growth.”

About FastTrack:

FastTrack is the leading full-service technology platform in the Life & Disability insurance vertical that automates critical elements of the claims adjudication and new business application process, helping Carriers enhance the accuracy of claim and underwriting decisions. Our suite of products and services helps insurers to triage and fully understand their risk management options, drives process automation, and makes possible comprehensive data collection and analysis to establish best practices for the Life & Disability administration processes. Our primary goal is to help claims professionals and underwriters make consistent, repeatable, clear, objective, and defensible benefit and employability determinations.

FastTrack has been conducting business in the Life & Disability insurance vertical for more than eight years and boasts a large percentage of the medium and large insurers in both the Group and Individual insurance verticals as current clients.

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