LifeRoc Capital’s Unique Approach Sets Life Settlement Industry Benchmark with Innovative 4-Pillar Business Model

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A trailblazer in the life settlement industry, LifeRoc Capital recently highlighted and discussed its distinct business model – poised to revolutionize how the life settlement market works. With a foundation built on four solid business pillars, LifeRoc distinguishes itself from traditional brokers in many ways: offering a more efficient, transparent, and profitable path for advisors and their clients.

“We’re absolutely committed to delivering unparalleled value in the life settlement market,” said Aaron Giroux, CEO of LifeRoc Capital. “Our business model is structured on four key pillars that empower our partners and clients with direct access to global buyers, complete commission without fees, and an unmatched level of service and expertise. We’re not just changing the game – we’re creating a new one.”

LifeRoc: Four Pillars of Innovation

  • Global Network of Buyers: Direct access to a vetted global network of eager buyers, ensuring competitive offers.
  • Full Commission Advantage: 100% commission goes to advisors, eliminating traditional broker fee and commission splits.
  • Intelligent Case Design: Mastery in medical underwriting and insurance product pricing, to ensure optimal case outcomes.
  • Partnership and Satisfaction Guarantee: Dedicated to superior service, transparency, and client satisfaction.

LifeRoc vs. Traditional Brokers: A Comparative Edge

LifeRoc Capital’s approach is in sharp contrast to the typical broker model, which often results in significant commission cuts for advisors. LifeRoc’s strategy actively eliminates traditional broker fees in a revolutionary move for the industry, while also offering a more lucrative and transparent solution.

“Our platform is rapidly gaining traction among top advisors,” Giroux explained. “In 2021, we were named the fastest-growing life settlement provider. This achievement reflects our commitment to customized solutions and an ability to provide exceptional offers directly to our clients.”

Investment Strategies: The LifeRoc Advantage

“One size does not fit all in life settlement solutions. And one of our main goals is to ensure that each client experiences a process that is as clear as it is efficient,” explained Giroux. “We align our solutions closely with their individual needs and expectations to give a tailormade experience for each transaction. While also showing our dedication to transparency. It is more than a business model: it is our commitment to reshaping the industry by setting new standards for the future.”

  • Direct Access: Unparalleled entry to a leading network of global buyers.
  • Full Commission: No third-party broker fees, ensuring advisors receive 100% of the commission.
  • Innovative Solutions: Catering to a wide array of cases, including challenging ones.
  • Expertise in Case Design: Proficiency in understanding the complexities of life insurance products and medical underwriting.

LifeRoc: The Future of Life Settlements

“Our approach is a direct response to the challenges this industry faces, in light of an economic climate that can shift rapidly. You have to be ready for any storm. So we’ve designed a system that not only streamlines the process but also instills a level of transparency that was previously missing in the industry. We cannot stress that enough. And by empowering our clients, while ensuring they receive full commission without hidden fees, we’re not just facilitating transactions – we’re building trust and long-term relationships.”

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