LogicPlum Releases Major Update to Streamline Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Enterprise AI solutions platform LogicPlum has released its latest update to improve functionality and practicality on its automated machine learning platform. There are four new features included in the update:

LogicPlum Sequence

  • Automates the development of advanced time series models that forecast the future value of a data series built on trend analysis and historical data.
  • Sequence is used in a multitude of real-world business challenges, including staffing, inventory, and financial applications.

LogicPlum Vision

  • Deploys highly accurate machine learning models with images, but without expensive hardware.
  • Accessible to both new users and experts.
  • Provides a much faster and more accurate approach than other solutions.
  • Vision is best organizations that make use of image data or visual inspection in their business workflow like automotive, insurance, grocery, agricultural, real estate, government, and manufacturing industries.

LogicPlum MLOps

  • Teaches companies how to scale machine learning in the enterprise.
  • Reduces friction throughout AI pipelines and workflows.
  • Refines AI models through retraining, periodic tweaking, and complete remodeling to ensure long-term accuracy.
  • Designs the MLOps life cycle to reduce organizational risks.
  • Operationalizes AI models for everyday business use.

LogicPlum Compare

  • Organizations need to see a side-by-side comparison of AI solutions based on important measures like error rates, speed to prediction, and whether obtaining more data could improve accuracy.
  • Many times, businesses deploy data science solutions without realizing the risk until it is too late. The opportunity to compare AI solutions quickly and accurately allows for agility and safety.

Because it is extremely difficult to find data scientists who can do all these tasks well, it is likely an organization would have to hire an expert for each category. That is where LogicPlum comes in. LogicPlum can assist in every aspect of these sub-specialties. 

LogicPlum Chief Technology Officer Anoop Muraleedharan said, “We are committed to helping organizations experience maximum benefit from their AI solutions. We are uniquely positioned to help companies understand the challenges they face, in addition to the opportunities they have, with AI innovation. Our LogicPlum 3.0 platform release has been precisely constructed to accelerate organizations that are becoming AI-driven.”

LogicPlum’s AI innovation platform has the capability to run both simple and complex tasks. For users who have a single data type for model inputs, such as numeric values, it’s easy, fast, and accurate. For those who want to leverage different data types in one model, such as image, numeric, text, and categorical, LogicPlum can provide even greater model accuracy with completion times that are ideal for organizations.

For more on LogicPlum’s 3.0 platform release, available now, please visit LogicPlum.

About LogicPlum

LogicPlum’s Enterprise AI platform allows customers to get rapid results by preparing their data, creating and validating AI models – including time series and computer vision – and deploying and monitoring those models in a single solution. Substantial business impact is created from significant speedups in data prep, model creation, and validation. In addition to quick AI innovations, LogicPlum oversees all AI deployments to ensure the solutions remain accurate for the long term.

LogicPlum customers are organizations that want to go to the next level by innovating and reimaging aspects of their business. The LogicPlum team enjoys difficult challenges that bring meaningful results to the business, and values partnering with those who want to start their AI journey or become an AI-driven organization. For more information, visit www.logicplum.com, and join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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