MediKarma and Arkos Health Enter Strategic Partnership to Support Patients to Better Manage Their Health and Improve Chronic Conditions

Value-Based Care Pilot Program to Leverage the Power of MediKarma’s Learning and Engagement Platform to Incentivize Users to Take a More Proactive Role in Their Wellness Journey

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MediKarma, an AI-based patient engagement, education and preventive care platform today announced that the company has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Arkos Health. On December 1st 2023, the two organizations launched a six-month value-based care pilot program with the goal of generating healthier outcomes for individuals using MediKarma’s patient learning and engagement platform. The initiative provides Arkos’s patients with access to a user-friendly dashboard including a digital twin, a health score that responds to changes in health and activity, and a voice-activated healthcare assistant named Jill AI. When used in combination physician inputs, the MediKarma features offer real-time insights (generated from thousands of data points captured in user’s electronic health records and personal smart wearable devices) into a patient’s current health status as well as a personalized preventive care and wellness plan to support their health care journey from a position of knowledge and encouragement.

Arkos Health provides patient-centered services and personalized programs through proprietary technology combined with clinical programs and social services for a seamless transition to value-based care. Through this collaboration, the organizations are leveraging Arkos’s 360 health application in combination with MediKarma’s AI-powered preventive healthcare and wellness platform to serve as a guide for pilot program participants as they work to manage their health and improve their chronic health issues. For providers, these advanced insights generated around a patient’s current health levels elevate their ability to proactively identify changes to their medical conditions at any point and when needed, create a seamless opportunity to intervene and make necessary treatment changes.

“MediKarma’s platform is a game changer for Arkos’s patients” said Amish Purohit, MD, MBA, President of Arkos Health, “Arkos Health’s vision of addressing operational gaps and bottlenecks between payers and providers is enhanced with platforms such as MediKarma that engage patients to focus on improving their care while reducing overall systemic burden thus accelerating the transition towards value-based care models.”

“MediKarma is gaining significant traction with the payor and provider communities focused on value-based care. They are increasingly recognizing the full potential of our algorithmic ability to predict future claims data while improving patients’ health through their use of our education and engagement platform,” said Kris Narayan, Founder and CEO of MediKarma. “Entering into this strategic partnership with Arkos marks a significant milestone for our organization as we look to extend visibility for what we are truly able to accomplish, reshaping healthcare by giving people access, ownership and activation of their own health and at scale.”

MediKarma’s Jill AI is well-positioned to support healthcare enterprises’ efforts to enable value-based care, empowering patients to take a proactive approach to managing their health. As a generative-AI powered personalized health assistant, the offering was designed to support users through a broad spectrum of health services and questions, such as instantly retrieving information from health records and connected devices, answering routine health questions, providing personalized recommendations, conducting symptom-based triage, and automating health routines such as appointment booking with doctors, and much more. A key feature reminds patients to keep up with all their age and sex-specific preventive health recommendations including vaccinations, physical exams, eye exams, diagnostic tests like colonoscopies and mammograms, as well as self- exams done at home. Jill AI’s capabilities are delivered through voice interaction in natural language, making it a true, first-of-its-kind, human-like, personalized health assistant.

About MediKarma
In the era of demand for patient-centric, personalized healthcare, MediKarma is empowering its users to own, understand and improve their health with the assistance of its AI-powered preventive healthcare and wellness platform. It consolidates and processes information from an individual’s medical records and smart wearables. MediKarma then presents a user-friendly dashboard including a human visualization avatar, a health score which responds to changes in health and activity, and a voice-activated healthcare assistant named Jill AI. Tomorrow’s health care is available today at

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Arkos Health is a forward-thinking healthcare technology company dedicated to transforming the healthcare experience through innovation. Leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven insights, Arkos Health is committed to improving patient outcomes, enhancing provider efficiency, and fostering a more connected and personalized healthcare ecosystem. With a focus on driving positive change, Arkos Health is at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare delivery for the benefit of individuals and communities. Learn more at

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