Meet SPOKK, the Most Affordable Pet Insurance For Digital Natives

SPOKK is the fluffiest startup of the year, proudly made in Ukraine and ready to win millions of pet owners hearts in the USA.

HARTFORD, Conn., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Being a good pet owner takes a lot of responsibilities because you are choosing a new family member and companion for many happy years. You should be committed: Pets are trustworthy and provide comfort, love, and companionship to their owners. In return, pet owners should have the willingness to nurture the pet and provide the best care for the pet’s respective life stages. Here comes the difficult part.

Veterinary care can be costly, running into thousands of dollars in the case of a severe accident. Most pet insurance companies operate through an arrangement in which you pay upfront and will receive reimbursement after treatment. It can be very stressful and even more, it can really stop you from deciding to become a pet owner. 

Can you imagine that you can pay only $10 per month for your fun, easy to use pet insurance? No more nightmares with paper work, endless calls and uncertainty. It will take just 3 minutes to register your pet and to get insurance from all possible accidents your dog or cat may be affected by. Everything is online and very simple, even kids can handle it. No deductibles, no co-pays, and fixed payments covering most cases can bring peace of mind at a reasonable edge against a multi-thousand dollar vet bill—especially if that bill could lead to something sad and awful like losing a beloved furry friend.

As a tech-savvy company, SPOKK is ready to offer a very creative and engaging features for the customers. By using AI and face recognition technology for pets, the company creates a unique anti-fraud solution plus a powerful communication tool where your pet becomes your own virtual assistant. Yes, you can finally talk with your pet in human language.

Despite on the all horror and difficulties with war, the SPOKK team have not only survived but also are creating new job opportunities, growing expediently and launching new markets and products. 

SPOKK’s team believes that every pet deserves love and care, so from every purchased product, the company donates to the Ukrainian charity foundation HAPPY PAW who supports pet shelters for homeless dogs and cats.

SPOKK aims to simplify the ways pet owners engage with insurance companies: from product selection, underwriting, quoting and purchasing to service and claims.

"For me SPOKK is the way to ease the life of the end-users in such boring industry as insurance and to support each of our customers in a critical situation, because when your 4 legged dependent is in pain and needs your help it’s so important to stay calm and to know that you are not alone and you have someone to relay on," Alexandra Gladyshevska, co-founder and CEO of SPOKK said.

Now, every pet can be insured in a few clicks, owners can file a claim online, find out the decision on the insured event almost instantly and receive reimbursement directly with maximum pay-out up to $25,000.

Keep calm and enjoy being a pet owner with SPOKK, your pet is OK.

Maru Oderzhakhivska