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SAN DIEGO, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MexInsurance® recently highlighted the number one reason why so many American expats have begun to look abroad to cover their medical insurance needs: rising, astronomical costs. Even with the Affordable Care Act, most Americans still pay far too much in insurance premiums, along with out-of-pocket fees and copays for office visits and pharmaceuticals. Fully licensed and recognized by Mexico and the State of California, MexInsurance® is a broker that has been providing a suite of premium insurance products since 2003, and recently began offering access to Mexican health insurance plans through CIGNA.

“The average national health insurance premium for a benchmark U.S. plan was $452 per month in 2021,” said Charles Lundy, Founder and CEO of MexInsurance®. “And these rates can vary significantly, state by state, depending on specific insurance plans, age, health, etc. The bottom line is that health insurance is still more expensive in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world – often costing far more than an average citizen can comfortably afford. It just makes more sense for frequent travelers to Mexico to buy Mexican health insurance while they’re abroad. We have plenty of experience helping people navigate the system, and we’ve put together a lot of helpful information to get you started.”

MexInsurance® – Four Easy Steps to Quality Mexican Health Insurance

  1. Step One: Understand the basics of the Mexican healthcare system and how insurance works in Mexico. Mexican doctors are well-trained and healthcare access is granted via public and private insurance options. The quality of care is generally higher for expats who use private health insurance rather than the Mexican health insurance system (IMSS).
  2. Step Two: Decide the insurance needed for each family’s needs. Although the IMSS system is usually quite good for Mexican nationals, it can be a frustrating experience for expats and vacationers. MexInsurance® advises most of its clients to look at private insurance options, which are still more affordable than plans in the U.S.
  3. Step Three: Obtain Mexican health insurance through a qualified insurance broker. MexInsurance® works through CIGNA Global Health, a trusted company that allows clients to customize plans, picking benefits that are useful while excluding those that are not. Claims are processed quickly with 24/7 customer service access through an established global network trusted by doctors and hospitals everywhere.
  4. Step Four: Familiarization with specific regions in Mexico that clients plan to visit. Using smartphone apps and asking locals where to find the best doctors and clinics – before traveling – can provide peace of mind and save time in case of an emergency.

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