Partial Policy Life Settlements with LifeRoc Capital Offer Enhanced Financial Flexibility to Policyholders

LOS ANGELES, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — LifeRoc Capital, a direct life settlement provider and leader in the life settlement industry, recently highlighted an innovative solution tailored to maximize the value of existing life insurance policies. A Retained Death Benefit (RDB) (aka partial policy life settlement) is a strategic life settlement option, enabling policyholders to sell their life insurance for a lump sum now while retaining a portion of the death benefit for their beneficiaries later. This approach offers both immediate liquidity and continued financial protection for peace of mind.

A New Era in Life Insurance Planning

Retained Death Benefit life settlement can provide policyholders an option to access the value of their life insurance while they are still alive, with financial alternatives for policies that are no longer needed, wanted, or affordable. RDBs can be used in full, or in a potential hybrid approach, and are part of a suite of wealth management tools used in LifeRoc’s commitment to facilitate flexible life insurance planning for seniors.

“Partial Policy Life Settlements can help provide immediate liquidity for policy owners, but also a future death benefit for their beneficiaries. It’s the best of both worlds,” said Aaron Giroux, CEO of LifeRoc Capital. “Advisors and agents are using Partial Policy Life Settlements to create meaningful dialogue with clients,” Giroux went on to say. “Partial Policy Life Settlements are a powerful prospecting tool. Many policy owners feel that retaining some of the death benefit of their policy, with the potential of eliminating their future premium obligations, is an extremely attractive option.”

Adapting to Demographic Shifts: Clarifying RDB Benefits

When a policyholder opts for an RDB life settlement, LifeRoc purchases the policy for a lump sum and LifeRoc’s designees become its new owner, taking over future premium payments on the policy. This arrangement frees the original policy owner from further financial responsibility for premiums. And after the policyholder’s death, the beneficiary the policy holder named is still paid a specified portion of the death benefit by the insurance company – in a win-win scenario for all those involved.

With an aging U.S. population – upwards of 10,000 people turning 65 each day, through 2036 – many are reevaluating their financial strategies, including life insurance needs. Recognizing this demographic trend and the need for adaptability, LifeRoc Capital uses a wide variety of Partial Policy Life Settlements to address a changing financial landscape and the lifestyle adjustments many seniors face today.

Key Benefits of Choosing RDB:

  • Flexibility for the Policy Owner: Policyholders may retain a death benefit portion while also potentially getting access to immediate cash.
  • Relief from Premium Payments: Transfers the responsibility of premium payments to the purchasing life settlement funder.
  • Death Benefit for Beneficiaries: enables beneficiaries to receive the retained death benefit directly from the carrier, providing peace of mind to the policyholder.
  • Flexible Hybrid Offers: Offers the possibility of negotiating a combination of cash payment and retained death benefit, enhancing the policyholder’s financial flexibility.

The RDB presents a unique opportunity for policyholders to navigate their financial planning with greater control and assurance. By opting for an RDB offer, policyholders can unlock the value of their life insurance policies now, without completely relinquishing the benefits they have planned for their beneficiaries. Not available in all states.

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