Penstock Launches ‘Regulatory Joe’ Video Series to Help Payers Navigate Regulatory Filing

COLLINSVILLE, Conn., June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A new video series aimed at demystifying the regulatory filing process for health plans has been launched by Penstock, a service partner and SaaS provider for forward-thinking health plans and payers. Hosted by Penstock President of Regulatory Solutions, Joe Boyle, Regulatory Joe will walk viewers through the ever-changing steps of regulatory filing while navigating the complexities of the market toward success.

“Things have only gotten more complicated for health plan teams managing regulatory filing deadlines and demands,” Boyle says. “With ever-changing regulatory requirements at both federal and state levels, there was a significant need for a simpler way to understand and comply with these regulations. We’re making Regulatory Joe to address that need.”

The series, which will be available at and on YouTube, is intended for regulatory team leaders — anyone involved in regulatory filing for qualified health plans, commercial filings, supplemental filings, RxDC & CAA mandates, or Medicare Advantage. Driven by Boyle’s bright personality and expert knowledge, Regulatory Joe delivers bite-sized insights on regulatory changes.

“Viewers will gain a clearer, simpler understanding of complex regulatory environments that impact health plans,” Boyle says. “They’ll be able to respond more effectively to regulatory changes and increase the quality and speed of compliance. Sharing this information is good for everyone and will help promote better implementation of necessary changes and facilitate proactive management of regulatory risks.”

The expertise behind this video series comes from Boyle, who is regarded as one of the country’s leading experts in health plan regulatory filing. While working at Penstock, he guided the development and launch of ClearFile, Penstock’s one-of-a-kind regulatory filing SaaS solution and full outsource support service for health plans with end-to-end filing support. Boyle has 9 years of experience working with health plans on successful regulatory filings.

“Complex regulations can be daunting, often leading to misunderstandings or misinterpretations that result in compliance failures,” says Penstock president Laura Collier. “By making these regulations more digestible, Regulatory Joe helps ensure that more organizations, regardless of their size or resources, can meet their regulatory obligations.”

The first two episodes, which cover state-mandated defrayal and network adequacy, are available now. Future topics will include standard plan options, routine adult dental, essential health benefit (EHB) benchmark updates, and more. Boyle will delve into the changes these topics face, including Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters (NBPP) proposals for 2026.

Watch the first episodes of Regulatory Joe at

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Penstock is a technology and service partner for forward-thinking health plans and providers, empowering recovery, audit and regulatory teams to get accuracy right from the start — when it matters most. Through its leading-edge ClearBridge audit technology and top-level payment integrity expertise, Penstock identifies and recovers overpayments and eliminates the root cause of medical billing and processing errors to produce lasting change. With its ClearFile software and service, Penstock streamlines the complex regulatory filing process, fast-tracking expansion into new markets. Penstock is part of the Goodroot community of companies reinventing healthcare one system at a time.

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