Positioned for Prosperity: LifeRoc Capital Emphasizes Life Settlements as Key Financial Strategy in Dynamic Economy

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As financial markets continue to navigate the high interest environment, LifeRoc Capital released its end-of-year outlook for the Life Settlement industry, ultimately forecasting significant growth and demand into 2024. Drawing from Conning’s recent annual report, “Life Settlements: Steady Growth Ahead,” LifeRoc underscored the steady expansion of the market which is poised to remain strong.

“Increased awareness is amplifying the demand for life settlements,” said Aaron Giroux, CEO of LifeRoc Capital. “Conning’s report echoes our own predictions, which include a growing need for flexible financial solutions. LifeRoc stands ready to meet this demand with strategically tailored solutions that resonate not only with current market trends but also with clients’ individual goals.”

The Life Settlement industry continues to demonstrate a track record of growth in the face of higher interest rates and market uncertainty and, per Conning’s analysis, continue to attract attention as a viable option for policyholders seeking financial flexibility. Some key points to remember from the analysis include:

  • Steady growth is expected for the next decade, from 2023 through 2032.
  • Increased consumer interest in alternative income sources will continue to grow driven by the need for retirement income.
  • Strong investor demand for these alternative assets further fuels the growth of the Life Settlement market in general.

“The sustained increase in the value of in-force settlements, from $21.6 billion in 2018 to $25.1 billion in 2021, is one of the strongest indicators of the market’s health and potential,” explained Giroux. “This upward trend is expected to continue and confidently signals a promising future for the industry. But the most exciting aspect of the report is that 10-year forecast, which highlights the vast untapped potential of the Life Settlement sector – upwards of $187 billion.”

A Strategic Response to Market Needs

LifeRoc Capital continues to be an innovator, offering streamlined services and increased payouts as more clients realize the potential use for capital available in untapped policies. And as 2024 approaches, LifeRoc Capital remains committed to leading the industry with innovative strategies and client-centric solutions. The company plans to further expand its reach, catering to the evolving needs of policyholders and advisors in an everchanging and dynamic economic environment.

“In these times of uncertainty, our advisors and their clients are seeking solutions that offer both security and profitability. Life settlements represent a strategic choice in this regard,” added Giroux. “Our expertise and comprehensive approach empower our advisors to navigate this market confidently, maximizing their financial outcomes.”

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