Premier Group Insurance, Inc. (PGI) Announces Exciting Automation Investments for Existing and New Premier Agency Owners

DENVER, Dec. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Premier Group Insurance (PGI) is excited about the sophistication of its technology deployment in 3 key areas, a 24/7 hybrid Premier Learning Center (PLC), new APIs & AI integration and a new real-time dashboard for PGI agency owners and staff.

"Each is important in helping agents better drive growth and enhance customer experience. This facilitates the opportunity to achieve margins 2x the industry average," said Rex Hickling, PGI President.

The Premier Learning Center (PLC) is obtaining a new and robust state-of-the-art platform powered by Brainier Solutions, Inc.’s Learning Management System. The PLC will provide high-quality training in addition to eLearning across all devices through a 24/7 mobile app.

"We were searching for a learning management solution that offered an unlimited array of capabilities to create learning paths for those who are seasoned professionals, making the transition from captive to independent almost seamless." said Cassandra Hayne, Training Manager, at PGI.

With the Brainier LMS and PGI’s 20+ years of content and experience in agency sales and operations, PGI can deploy a curriculum that gets agents up to speed in IA channel best practices. Areas include but are not limited to; lead generation, sales, retention, and operations – as well as the broad P&C carrier choices that PGI offers. Even agents new to insurance that are recently licensed in P&C, and that may come from professions such as auto dealerships, mortgage brokers, or tax professionals, can have the opportunity to better serve their core customers, now, with 1-stop shopping.

PGI has also contracted with Tiffany Komendat, President of Tiff Co. Consulting Inc. to enhance PGI’s training experience.

"Training is always made better if it draws you in. Yes, we make it fun, interactive, and informative. With clear objectives, content, validation, and checklists – all right at your fingertips but with opt-outs for human ‘trainer’ engagement," said Ms. Komendat.

"Our new PLC gives our agents options and flexibility to learn how, when and where they want," said Eric Blakeman, Director of Operations, at PGI. "There is something for everyone – even the most tenured and experienced agency owner."

PGI is building an even more incredible content library that helps agents find success in the digital space as well as traditional marketing. We can teach you the latest marketing tactics customized for the "preferences" and needs of differing generational demographics.

PGI is also announcing their API and AI proprietary composite algorithm deployment, which will allow them to better understand business mix characteristics and better anticipate customer needs and respond to them. The algorithm will also simultaneously replicate the favorable trends and mitigate the unfavorable. It will also better execute on the right pricing, placement of business, and an overall better customer lifetime journey.

"All these funnel into extraordinary results and superior customer satisfaction, which will be reflected in a real-time dashboard for KPIs for both Premier agencies and staff," said Chris Bixler, Premier’s Manager of Technology. "That, along with ‘what if’ scenario modeling, creates more than excitement, it, in essence, will model a blueprint for better agency operations, based on desired goals using PGI’s proprietary Business Information Express system," Mr. Bixler concluded.

Premier Group Insurance is a leading Property & Casualty agency group with headquarters based in the greater Denver, Colorado area, with more than 500 Agency Owner members coast-to-coast. PGI is one of the largest auto, home, and business insurance writers in the U.S. Contact Rex Hickling, President, at for more information.

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