Prepare for Hurricane Season: True Flood Risk Empowers Property Owners and Renters to Know Their True Flood Risk

BRONXVILLE, N.Y., June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the hurricane season approaches, it is crucial for property owners, renters and business owners to be well-informed about their flood risk and take appropriate measures to protect their homes, businesses and belongings. True Flood Risk, a global AI-driven property data and climate risk analytics provider, is urging individuals to proactively understand their properties’ current and future flood risk and consider mitigation strategies.

Hurricanes, severe storms and even unexpected heavy rains can bring devastating floods, leading to property damage, financial loss, and emotional distress. Understanding the true flood risk associated with a property is the first step in building resilience and safeguarding against potential disaster. True Flood Risk offers an innovative and user-friendly platform that enables property owners and renters to easily assess their flood risk–for free.

By visiting True Flood Risk’s website (, individuals can access accurate and comprehensive flood risk assessment specific to their location. The platform utilizes its proprietary and patented technology to estimate the structural height of a property which powers its advanced analytics platform and incorporates factors such as topography, historical flood data, storm surge, and climate change projections to determine the property’s vulnerability and the potential financial implications of flooding.

The platform not only provides valuable insights into current flood risk but also offers optimal mitigation strategies tailored to each property over time. True Flood Risk equips users with actionable considerations to fortify their properties against potential flooding and minimize damage such as floodproofing, parametric or indemnity flood insurance products, raising homes or a combination of mitigation measures.

True Flood Risk also encourages users to consult their insurance agent to learn more about flood insurance coverage and options. Understanding the details of their policy, including coverage limits and exclusions, is essential for making informed decisions and safeguarding against financial loss in the event of a flood.

“Knowledge is power and every inch of water matters when it comes to flood risk,” said Shelly Klose, Founder and CEO of True Flood Risk. “By understanding the true flood risk associated with their properties, individuals can take proactive steps to protect their homes or businesses.” Don’t wait until it’s too late! Take charge of your property’s flood risk today. Visit to access your free personalized property flood risk assessment.

About True Flood Risk: True Flood Risk is a leading provider of property-level and flood risk data for over 200M residential and commercial properties worldwide. With its patented AI-driven technology that instantly estimates the structural height, commonly known as the first floor height (FFH), True Flood Risk delivers a more precise understanding of property-level flood risk. At True Flood Risk, our mission is to empower individuals and communities by providing accurate, affordable, and instant access to property data. We believe that everyone should have the necessary information and resources to effectively mitigate flood-related risks and enhance resilience against flooding.

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