Roundstone Customers Receive Another $10M+ Distribution

LAKEWOOD, Ohio, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Roundstone, a Lakewood-based health insurance provider specializing in self- funded group captive solutions, reported more than $10,000,000 in cash distributions to business owners across the nation. This figure, added to previous distributions over the past underwriting year, amounts to more than $20,000,000 of recent surplus distributions. 

Had these employers purchased traditional fixed cost health insurance, this money would have been pocketed by the insurance company as extra profit. The Roundstone self-funded captive health insurance strategy allows employers to proactively manage health care costs and retain the money they do not spend. Through a combination of Roundstone’s unique variable funding solution and the employers’ proactive cost containment efforts, these meaningful savings become a reality at a very opportune time.

“Roundstone customers enter our health insurance solution knowing they are saving over their other choices, so this added return from the captive is icing on the cake. These premium returns not only add to the savings the employers have already realized when they first joined our health insurance program, but they validate the proactive cost saving efforts we are able to deliver to our customers throughout the plan year,” said Roundstone President Mike Schroeder. “With today’s pandemic challenge, controlling health insurance costs and retaining dollars not spent on claims can be the difference between keeping the employer’s lights on or not.”

Small to mid-sized employers across a multitude of industries are currently enrolled in Roundstone’s group medical captives. For more information about these savings from a group self-funded health insurance plan, please visit:

About Roundstone Management Ltd.
Roundstone Management, Ltd. (Roundstone) based in Lakewood, Ohio is an insurance organization offering small to mid-size employers (20-1,000 employees) a proven health insurance strategy that helps business owners access affordable health insurance for their employees – paying only for the healthcare they use while keeping the savings. For more information on Roundstone, visit the company website at

Mike Schroeder, President

SOURCE Roundstone

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