Roundstone Marks a Year of Growth and Momentum

Health insurance company grows 35% in 2022; Provides quality and affordable healthcare options to more than 700 small and midsize employers

LAKEWOOD, Ohio, Dec. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Roundstone, a health insurance provider specializing in self-funded medical group captive solutions, today announced another year of record-breaking results with 35% growth year over year in 2022. The company added more than 200 small and midsize employers to its medical captive and retained over 90% of its current customers.

Roundstone attributes its continued success to the growing demand by businesses for new and improved health insurance funding models such as self-insurance. Previously, self-insurance was seen as an option suited for larger companies, but the Roundstone group captive minimizes volatility and improves cash flow. It works by combining the premiums of all members, which enables them to gain insurance coverage they control at an affordable price. Unspent premium in the shared risk pool is returned to employers pro rata.

“To say organizations are disenchanted with the traditional fixed cost model of health insurance is an understatement,” said Michael Schroeder, president and founder of Roundstone. “The status quo system is not working for them. Employers are looking for a long-term strategy for healthcare that gives them flexibility, control, savings, and most importantly, employee satisfaction. Our solution for self-insurance with the medical captive delivers on all counts.”  

Savings Returned to Employers:

  • $24.4M unspent captive premium distributed pro rata in 2022
  • Average distribution in 2022 was 15.5% of gross written premiums

Revenue and Customer Growth/Retention:

  • Achieved 35% growth in revenues and added more than 200 new employers
  • Retained 90% of current customers

Employment Growth and Company Culture:

Industry Recognition:

Thought Leadership and Community:

Small and midsize employers across many industries are currently saving money on healthcare by participating in Roundstone’s group medical captive. For more information on how it works, please visit:

About Roundstone Insurance

Roundstone is an innovative insurance organization founded in 2003 with a vision of giving small and mid-sized businesses a proven strategy for affordable employee health insurance. Our self-funded group captive solution delivers high-quality, affordable healthcare and returns savings back to the employers and employees – a win-win all around. Roundstone is headquartered in Lakewood, Ohio with representatives throughout the United States. Stay connected with us on our blog, LinkedIn and Twitter (@captiveinsurer).

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