Sensely Launches Virtual Primary Care

BOSTON, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, at HLTH 2021, Sensely announced the launch of its suite of enabling technologies to accelerate the industry implementation and adoption of Virtual Primary Care (VPC). While payers and hospital systems have aggressively moved to add telemedicine options to their patient-facing offerings, the Sensely toolset enables a more personalized and consumer-friendly patient front door experience, and combines enterprise integration expertise to ensure the satisfying completion of the often tricky "last mile" patient journey.

Sensely VPC features Sensely’s voice-enabled and character-based virtual assistant, which can be designed to match enterprise customer brand identity. Multiple languages are supported, to ensure that patient equity meets patient access across diverse populations. An optional symptom assessment tool may be added to the patient journey and configured to navigate patients to the preferred venue of care based on enterprise utilization and channel goals. Sensely can also create intake routines that are customized to the unique needs and business rules of the enterprise customer.

Regardless of the ultimate channel that the patient uses to connect with their care team, patient experiences that utilize Sensely VPC can increase satisfaction, reduce leakage, and improve care management. Based on existing industry partnerships and comprehensive research, Sensely VPC includes the most frequently requested member flows, such as appointment booking, service location information, and FAQs about related care services.

Additionally, Sensely VPC is designed for seamless and transparent handoffs to existing enterprise appointment booking and third-party telemedicine services, regardless of whether the ultimate appointment will be delivered via video, phone, chat, or in person.

"As healthcare slowly emerges from the extreme lockdown environment of COVID-19, the consumer mindset has changed, and patients now expect to be able to connect with their care team via the channel of their choice in an efficient, yet clinically-validated manner," said Adam Odessky, CEO and Co-founder of Sensely. "This creates a brand-new set of operational and workflow challenges for provider systems and payers, and it is precisely this type of opportunity where Sensely can bring unique value. We are excited about sharing more details in the coming months."

Sensely VPC is offered on a white-labeled and custom branded basis, and can be deployed to websites, mobile apps, and an ever-growing list of popular consumer chat channels. For customer inquiries, Sensely can be reached at

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