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SEATTLE, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Seattle-based Endurance Learning has launched yet another major upgrade to Soapbox that makes it easier for every professional who wants to design and develop high-quality professional development experiences. Soapbox is an online tool that allows anyone to generate a training lesson plan with engaging activities in under 10 minutes. With the latest update to Soapbox, when users enter a training topic, Soapbox suggests learning objectives tailored to the specific topic, allowing professionals to more quickly and easily create learning objectives targeted to their presentation.

Soapbox is currently used in a wide variety of industries to quickly build facilitated training sessions, including banking, early childhood education, and retail. Many of these users work in an HR or training capacity, but few can focus their time and energy on creating training. "Every professional who is tasked with creating a training session is also required to be an expert in at least one other area. While learning objectives are critical for effective training sessions, it is unreasonable to think that every professional will know how to write them well. If we can make it easier for our users to create high-quality, interactive sessions, we want to do it." said Endurance Learning’s CEO, Brian Washburn.

Any effective training program needs to be built by answering the question: what should the training participants be able to do differently as a result of this program? The answer(s) to that question yield what training professionals call "learning objectives."

From the time it was launched, Soapbox has made it easy for users to create learning objectives without needing a background in training or adult education by simply providing a unique, fill-in-the-blank experience. Many Soapbox customers use this feature in conjunction with subject-matter experts to help focus the conversation on learning objectives. "We figured out early in the process that most professionals hate writing learning objectives, they just want to jump into activities and content, and that Soapbox could help," said Endurance Learning COO, Tim Waxenfelter. "This latest update is exciting because Soapbox now knows more about a user’s training topic and will often recommend complete, well-written learning objectives that lead to a focused training session with relevant activities."

Soapbox is the world’s first and only rapid training creation tool for in-person and virtual, facilitated training sessions. With every change to the platform, the goal is to make the creation of custom training sessions easier, faster, and better. "Simply put, we are constantly making Soapbox smarter," said Brian Washburn.

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Endurance Learning was founded by instructional designers with an extensive background in adult learning. Endurance Learning leverages its experience developing custom learning experiences for corporations, NGOs and nonprofits to continually improve Soapbox. Endurance Learning regularly updates a variety of free resources for learning and development professional including and Above all else, Endurance Learning believes that every learning experience should be engaging and lead to sustainable change.

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