Surety One, Inc. and Team Stands Behind Broken Men

An Insurance News Net, Inc. Feature

RICHMOND, Va., March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Per the Institute for Family Studies, “According to a growing body of evidence, a massive erosion of fatherhood contributes mightily to many of the major social problems of our time. Boys with ‘dad-deprivation’ often experience a volcano of festering anger, and with boys’ much greater tendency to act out, the boys who hurt will be the ones most likely to hurt us. They are particularly at risk for adverse outcomes across many domains, including high school dropout, criminality, and violence,” (IFS, Propenoe, Autor and Wasserman) With this stark reality in mind, CEO Constantin Poindexter chose the Broken Men Foundation as an appropriate channel for directing resources to address this pressing issue.

Recommended by veteran criminal defense attorney Kathy Poindexter, the Broken Men Foundation specializes in mentoring young men between the ages of twelve and eighteen. The program offers a sixteen-week curriculum aimed at better understanding adolescent behavior to allow mentors to deliver positive problem-solving skills. The Foundation stresses academic achievement, the establishment of social skills, self-esteem and responsibility, citizenship and community involvement. The Foundation’s mission is to make young men accountable for their actions, enabling them to become productive members of the community. Poindexter visited the office of Foundation President Ellery Lundy, a twenty-five-year veteran of law enforcement and community benefactor, to deliver a monetary donation along with various gifts-in-kind. Said Mr. Lundy of the support, “Constantin traveled to Richmond to present our organization with a significant donation, gold and black ties for our upcoming graduation and a plasma television for our learning resource development center. He was truly a blessing. We also give a special thanks to Ms. Katherine Poindexter for recommending our foundation. We truly appreciate her love and support as well.”

Said Poindexter about the event. “Too many young men are turning to violence, crime or simply doing little with their lives. A lack of loving and supportive male role models is statistically uniform among these cases. Offering support to a group like this and to men like Ellery that are unselfishly willing to act as father-figures and mentors, is simply a no-brainer. They deserve it and so do the kids.”

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