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RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Conforming to its general philanthropic focus on children’s health and well-being, Surety One, Inc. has donated five thousand dollars to the Superkids Scholarship Program, a ‘Foundation for Good Business’ non-profit. The Superkids program identifies youths that have survived some early life challenges, then provides those individuals financial and mentorship support. To that end, the Program works to instill honesty, trustworthiness, and a strong work ethic outside of academic settings as well as within.

Says Constantin Poindexter, “Former North Carolina Attorney General and Secretary of State Rufus Edmisten and Director Cheryl Mattingly have put together and manage an impressive gifting organization. Some of these kids that they support are the first members of their families to attend college. All of them have faced and overcome some sort of personal adversity or hardship. It makes me feel good about “me” to deliver Superkids some humble but hopefully meaningful support. These are great folks doing a great thing.”

Per, an Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs (IWGYP) composed of representatives from twenty-five federal departments and agencies that support programs and services focusing on youth, programs such as Superkids, “. . . can help youth as they go through challenging life transitions, including dealing with stressful changes at home or transitioning to adulthood.” Superkids’ leadership is keenly aware of the value of its mission and is a shining star in this space.

Surety One, Inc. routinely contributes to the relief of the sick, disabled, hungry and less fortunate members of the communities that it serves, with a particular focus on the needs of children and young adults. By standing agreement, all donations to approved non-profits are matched by Constantin Poindexter and the Carlyle Poindexter Charitable Foundation. Donations to Superkids may be made on the program’s website at

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