The Demex Group Launches Climate Risk Appraisals for Asset Owners, Investors, and Advisors

Appraisals underpin management strategy for building financial climate resilience.

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Demex Group, (Demex) the first provider of comprehensive solutions for modeling, assessing, and managing climate-linked risks at scale, today announced the release of Climate Risk Appraisals. The Demex Group appraises climate-driven risk across an unlimited offering of financial instruments globally. Asset owners, investors, and management advisors use Appraisals as an essential starting point for climate risk management. They form a pathway toward Demex derived parametric insurance and climate hedging for complete financial solutions.

Extreme rainfall, snowfall, wind, and temperature all impact investment valuations. Capital advisors, asset managers, and ESG officers face increasingly complex and nuanced exposures. Demex Climate Risk Appraisals provide a new management strategy for climate resilience.

"Appraising climate risk is the first necessary step in forming strategies to manage financial climate risk," stated Ed Byrns, CEO of Demex. "Appraisals are also required in order to form and deploy new mechanisms for financial recovery when extreme weather drives unexpected losses."

Demex assesses and prices risks from extreme weather, tailored to specific capital investments and management strategies. With a clear picture of the dollar value of risk, clients promote profitability through informed strategic decisions.

Climate change is driving weather patterns to become increasingly unstable and presents shifting risks for businesses. In the United States alone, the cost of severe weather events has increased five-fold since 1980 and this trend is accelerating. Credit rating agencies, government regulators, investors, and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) are all directing companies to consider climate resilience in their management and strategic planning.

In response, more and more companies are working with Demex to examine their climate linked economics.

Climate Risk Appraisals from Demex directly address future business performance. Lenders appraise climate-driven shifts for risk of borrower defaults. Business owners appraise climate-driven shifts in costs and revenue. Investors appraise climate-driven shifts in projected returns across their portfolios.

About The Demex Group

Climate change is creating a new normal for weather risk. Demex offers comprehensive solutions for modeling, assessing, and managing climate-linked risks at scale.

Winter storms are more extreme and less predictable. Risks faced by property managers who plan for snow removal have shifted and Demex custom-fits risk winter weather management solutions that average 20% savings for snow removal budgets.

Heavy rainfall, snowfall and extreme temperatures lead to unexpected out-of-pocket costs and lost revenue for city planners, individual businesses, homeowners, and tenants. Demex powers new insurance options for extreme weather.

Extreme precipitation, wind, and temperature can impact investment valuations. Demex offers comprehensive customized risk analysis to capital groups, asset managers, and management consultants.

Our team and technology were recognized in the top 50 insurtech companies in the Americas by InsurTech Insights and Oxbow Partners called us "one of 25 emerging technology-led businesses well-placed to help insurers succeed." HolonIQ said that Demex is one of "the 200 most promising Climate Tech startups" in North America. 

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