The National Alliance Announces Continuing Education Subscription for Insurance Professionals

AUSTIN, Texas, May 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research announces a transformative learning subscription to help insurance professionals earn quality continuing education (CE) credits and complete new employee onboarding processes quickly. The Essential Online Subscription includes 24/7 year-long access to introductory risk and insurance courses, ACORD® forms training, and monthly one-hour webinars on current and emerging industry topics.

A leading provider of risk and insurance education, the National Alliance administers high-quality professional development informed by industry trends, unique coverage solutions and challenges, and best practices. The Essential Online Subscription provides access to a wide range of continuing education credits and learning opportunities designed to deepen knowledge and sharpen skills in many areas of risk management and insurance.

Boasting over 30 risk and insurance courses, the Essential Online Subscription delivers enormous educational value conveniently and at a low price. Subscribers have the flexibility to learn on their schedules and have access to robust self-paced courses for a year. Additionally, subscribers receive a year-long Academy membership that includes access to research, newsletters, and podcasts.

“We are thrilled to offer a learning subscription that provides quality continuing education and professional development,” said Kimberly Skarren, Director of Continuing Education. “Unparalleled access to premier educational resources and CE options can accelerate insurance careers. The subscription is excellent for licensed professionals who need quick, high-quality CE and agency managers in need of employee onboarding support.”

By taking advantage of the Essential Online Subscription, insurance professionals can complete licensing requirements and enhance their professional credibility by learning from one of the industry’s most rigorous risk and insurance education institutions. The National Alliance plans to continue developing innovations, like the new learning subscription, so professionals achieve their career ambitions conveniently and in record time. Professionals in need of CE can [learn more] or [sign up] today.

About The National Alliance:

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research is a leading provider of insurance education and training courses. With a commitment to delivering high-quality, comprehensive insurance education, The National Alliance has helped thousands of insurance professionals elevate their careers. To learn more, visit

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