TRG Screen Delivers Actionable Insights From Market Data Spend Information

Optimize Insights’ customizable dashboards and visualizations answer critical subscription management questions and provide market data management reporting

NEW YORK and LONDON, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TRG Screen, the leading provider of enterprise subscription management solutions, has announced the introduction of Optimize Insights to unlock new insights and reporting capabilities within Optimize Spend, its market data management software platform.

Optimize Insights sits at the heart of TRG Screen’s new Optimize platform, launched in 2020. Market data teams benefit from detailed, data-driven intelligence that they can deliver to their internal business users, allowing them to fully optimize their spend and usage. While it offers an intuitive visual analytics platform for proactive market data management, it also supports other complex, high value enterprise subscriptions, such as research, telecoms, IT and software.

"Market data costs are escalating and need to be controlled. Firms need sophisticated, granular and flexible insights in self-service dashboards with drilldown capabilities and interactive reports powered by business intelligence and data visualization tools. Optimize Insights delivers this and more – it’s a paradigm shift. Market data teams no longer need to sift through large buckets of data to get answers they need or build their own analytics tools, instead they are delivered actionable insights that pinpoint opportunities to optimize market data spend," comments Richard Mundell, Chief Product Officer for TRG Screen.

Optimize Insights tells the story of a firm’s market data subscription landscape with automated trend analysis that explains why costs are changing. It combines underlying data on spend and usage to provide tailored insights with powerful calls to action to help firms optimize market data spend.

Key features in this first release allow users to see the high-level picture based on the requirements of their role before drilling into the detail, and includes:

  • Insights Library: Specially curated library of story-based visualizations and dashboards
  • Dashboard Studio: Interactive dashboard designer allows users to create their own dashboards.
  • Pivot Studio: Intuitive web-based pivot table interface to manipulate underlying data with slice-and-dice drag-and-drop analytics and visualization capabilities.

Optimize Insights is available to customers of Optimize Spend. It is part of the base system with nothing additional to license, securely hosted in the cloud. As a modern SaaS application, it will be continually enhanced over time, driven by customer feedback, with new features, further datasets and additional insights.

Optimize is a completely flexible and scalable platform, able to deliver value to firms with only a few vendor relationships through to those managing hundreds of millions of dollars of subscriptions. TRG Screen enables more than 500 organizations worldwide to monitor and manage their high value enterprise subscriptions, delivering up to 30% cost savings.

About TRG Screen

TRG Screen is the leading provider of enterprise subscription management solutions. Founded in 1998, TRG Screen is uniquely differentiated by its ability to monitor both spend and usage of data and information services including market data, research, software licenses, consulting and other corporate expenses. TRG Screen’s solutions provide its customers with full transparency into their vendor relationships and their subscription spend and usage, enabling them to optimize their enterprise subscriptions. TRG acquired Priory Solutions in 2016, Screen Group in 2018, Axon Financial Systems in 2019, and Market Data Insights in 2020 and with these acquisitions is now positioned as the global market leader in the financial, legal and professional services markets. TRG Screen’s product portfolio includes subscription spend, usage, enquiry and compliance solutions. For more information visit

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