Warranty Life Transforms Smartphone Protection with Cost-Cutting AI-powered Usage-Based Coverage

VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Marking a revolution in mobile device protection, Warranty Life has launched SmartSaver, new, personalized protection for smartphone users that uses the combined power of artificial intelligence (AI), telematics, and machine learning (ML) to develop the first usage-based smartphone protection where your behavior directly impacts how much you pay. Warranty Life’s patented technology tracks how you handle your smartphone and can save the user money if they score well.

Similar to usage-based insurance offered in the auto industry, the use of these types of technologies has increased rapidly over the past five years. People have embraced usage-based coverage with companies like Progressive Insurance reporting close to 19 Million usage-based automobile policies. Research has also shown customers report higher than average satisfaction scores resulting in long-term customer value for the provider.

Warranty Life sees AI prediction technology becoming the industry standard for smartphone protection.

"We set out at the beginning years ago with a mission to build an advanced technology system that provided fair pricing. For years, customers that took extra care of their smartphones or tablets had to pay the same insurance price, we never thought that was right." says Warranty Life CEO Richard Hui. "So, we created our Smart Saver AI prediction engine to establish honest pricing for everyone."

Smart Saver Cutting Edge AI-Powered Technology Now Available!

As the world’s first usage-based mobile device protection program, SmartSaver will offer an opportunity for customers to lower their deductibles to $0 or earn other rewards. No other mobile device program that includes comprehensive accidental damage has been able to harness AI-powered personalized coverage.

To access SmartSaver AI technology, customers will register with the Warranty Life mobile app and opt-in for the SmartSaver feature. As specific data is collected, the prediction engine will generate rewards and notify users in 7 days.

With years of research, Warranty Life has been working in stealth mode to develop and file multiple global patents that work to lock down the usage-based model for mobile devices and recently won the prestigious Synergy Award for being a Top Innovator as recognized by the National Research Council of Canada.

Warranty Life provides innovative technology solutions for the insurance industry. For more details on the latest release visit our Partners page.

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We believe everyone deserves to have their smartphone, iPad, tablet, and smartwatch protected from accidents and mechanical malfunctions at a fair price. Accidents happen! Warranty Life has become a leader in and has provided smartphone protection plans since 2009 with a 4.4-star customer trust rating. We are here to serve.

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