Wimple (Wealth made Simple™) Closes Seed Round from Strategic Investors, Hires Development Team for Enhanced Platform

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wimple, Wealth made Simple (“Wimple,” “Wealth made Simple”), a platform for retail investors and consumers to ask financial questions and connect with top financial professionals in their area, has announced today that it has raised a seed round from strategic investors to enhance its platform and help transform how people find solutions to financial questions. 

The new platform, which is expected to launch in April, will provide an easy-to-use interface which will allow users to type a question or keyword in an AI-powered search engine, followed by 3 desired outcomes. (Search Answers or Ask a Forum Question, Browse Content, and Connect with a Financial Professional)

Phillip Flakes, Co-Founder and CEO of Wimple, said, “At Wimple, it is our mission to connect people with financial services professionals they can trust. We are excited to build the second iteration of Wimple and continue on our journey of providing financial knowledge to the masses.”


The newly developed AI-powered search engine will now find not only content and answers that match your search term, but also connect you with the appropriate financial professional based on a financial professional rating. The forum will require financial professionals to be vetted prior to being able to join the platform and respond to answers and inquiries.

“The forum is going to help millions of people get answers quickly to their financial questions, and more importantly, connect them with a financial professional,” said Nicholas Gudz, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer. “We are working on a rating system for financial professions that will help match them with potential clients for a better overall experience. In addition, this rating system will promote a professional’s area of specialty. We are truly excited to build out an industry changing platform.”


Wimple recognizes the challenges people face when looking for financial advice. Whether searching for a financial advisor or looking for information in a DIY manner, the information can be daunting, and in most cases doesn’t result in an actionable step for the consumer to find answers. Wimple addresses these issues by providing a single platform that provides:

  • Peer reviewed financial directory consisting of Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, CPA’s and Mortgage Professionals.
  • Q&A Forum for anyone to ask financial questions and receive answers from the professionals in the directory.
  • Educational content, resources, and calculators.

About Wimple, Wealth made Simple™ – Wimple is a San Diego-based, digital financial services directory that connects people with financial professionals. Created by entrepreneurs Phillip Flakes and Nicholas Gudz, who previously Founded Succession Link, the largest digital marketplace for Financial Advisors to Buy, Sell, and Merge, which was acquired in 2018. For more information, please visit www.wimple.com.

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